Finally, you don't have to look at the Anke flag! The new "Black Warrior" appeared, 2.0T + 9at, more domineering than Q7

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finally don look anke flag

Chinese consumers are interested in SUV Naturally, there is no need to say more about the popularity of the model , stay SUV There are oversized full-size in the field SUV The model has achieved a lofty market position in China's market with its excellent comprehensive strength , Audi is the most famous in this field A7, This car also has enough strength to become a benchmark model in the market , And his competitors are relatively deficient , However, Chevrolet officially released this pioneer black version not long ago, which has attracted the attention of many consumers , Let's take a look at the market performance of this car . Finally, you don't have to look at the Anke flag ! new “ Black Warrior ” Appearance ,2.0T+9AT, Than Q7 The forward

First of all, in terms of the shape design of this car , The space performance of this car is very good , As a full size SUV models , Its length is 4.999 rice , The width of the car is 1.953 rice , Car height is 1.728 rice , The wheelbase is reached 2.863 rice , This size performance is compared with the mainstream hanlanda in the market 、 Anke banner and other models also have sufficient competitive advantages , The size of its front face is very large , The black grid inside adorned him , Combined with the sharp light groups on both sides , This car also looks like it has its own sense of design , The shapes on both sides of it also look very imposing , The design style of the whole vehicle looks round and full , Than the audi Q7 And domineering , The black wheel hub design makes it sporty , The design of the tail is very imposing .

After opening the door and entering the interior of the car , The interior design of the car is the same as its shape , They all use pure black color , It also looks very warm , At the same time, the design of the central control area seems to be very hierarchical , Each functional area is divided into distinct levels , At the same time, the touch operation screen also effectively replaces the control buttons , It's also very convenient to use , The suspended central control screen greatly enhances the scientific and technological performance of the car .

From its three core pieces , This car is equipped with 2.0T The engine and 9AT Gearbox combination , At the same time, there is the blessing of 4WD system , This car has excellent power , Its maximum output power can reach 230 horsepower , This power reserve is also very abundant , Fully capable of resisting Buick Anke flag , There is no problem in dealing with our daily use , At the same time, good chassis adjustment makes this car have a particularly excellent driving experience .

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