Volvo's star truck and the female driver driving BMW don't want to get down!

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volvo star truck female driver

I believe everyone is familiar with trucks , The first thing I can think of in China is Dongfeng , faw , Jianghuai and Universiade , These brands are the hottest high-quality brands in China . However, Volvo is also unwilling to fall behind and launched a star truck , Its appearance and interior make car lovers flock to it , It is estimated that the female driver driving a BMW can't bear to come down after sitting on it .

You can see that the appearance of this Volvo truck is very domineering , The tall front and long body make it look majestic . And its engine output horsepower is 750 horse , It determines that its rated loading mass is very huge .

Let's take a look at its internal space , Although the center console of the cab is roughly the same as that of an ordinary large truck , However, the dense function buttons and reasonable overall cloth make its internal space very pleasing to the eye . Luxury tables and chairs with different styles are even better than those of some cars , It must be more comfortable to sit on , Such seats are also unique in large trucks .

Except for the maverick seats , The truck also had a fancy design for a skylight , It is estimated that it is also to bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the driver . On the long road, as long as the driver occasionally looks up, he will forget some boredom and troubles , This bold design gives truck drivers the pleasure of driving luxury cars .

The truck launched by Volvo is undoubtedly unique . Seeing such a powerful car , It is estimated that anyone who sits on the luxury van with luxurious interior will have a different pleasure , It is estimated that female drivers driving BMW will fall in love with its seats and skylights .

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