Land Rover is on fire again! The new car is more domineering than the q5l. It can squeeze 249 horsepower from the entry. What else do you want from the BMW X3

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land rover new car domineering

Although in the domestic auto market , With the rise of domestic cars , There is no shortage of some classic cars , Both the cost performance and the price are very kind , But I have to admit that with the improvement of the living standards of the majority of car fans , Everyone is pursuing luxury cars more and more , Speaking of luxury cars, we believe that the first thing we think of is BBA, But when most fans are concerned BBA At the same time , But ignore a lot of second-line luxury cars , For example, today our protagonist, the new range rover evoque .

As soon as the new range rover evoque is launched, it has attracted the attention of many car fans , I can't help it. This car is excellent in both sense of class and appearance , As a medium-sized luxury car SUV, The domineering feeling it shows , Compared with the same level of BBA Be excellent , Of course, in terms of power, this car is also very powerful , Because the car is equipped with 2.0T The engine of , It matches it directly 9AT The transmission , The most important thing is that the price of the car is very close to the people , The starting price is 35.58 ten thousand , It seems that Land Rover is on fire again ! New car ratio Q5L The forward , Get started and squeeze out 249 horsepower , What else... BMW X3!

What about the performance of all aspects of the new range rover evoque ? Let's have a look , First of all, in terms of appearance modeling , The appearance of this car is very successful , Whether it's the style or the sense of grade , It gives people a very strong visual impact , It's no exaggeration , This car is definitely a high-value model in the same level , Its overall body size is 4371/1904/1649mm, The wheelbase is 2681mm, The front face adopts the Land Rover family China open design , With fierce on both sides LED headlight , It looks very aggressive , The strong and domineering waist matches with the large wheel hub blackened on the footwall , Walking on the road is very sporty .

Into the interior , The new range rover evoque not only has a high appearance value , Even the interior is perfect , It's really excellent , Whether it's layout or materials , Definitely the best at the same level , Excellent materials perfectly show the sense of grade of luxury cars , At the same time, the details are also blessed with bright materials , At the same time, personalized gear handle, LCD instrument panel and central control screen , Makes the sense of technology very strong , Of course, the front and rear seats are also wrapped in leather , It's very comfortable to walk in the car .

As for motivation , The all-new Range Rover evoque is equipped with a 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , And what matches that is 9AT transmission , The maximum output power is reached 249 horsepower , The maximum peak torque is 365N/m, At the same time, the timely 4WD system is also added , The power parameters are awesome .

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