Are cars getting cheaper and cheaper because of the development of science and technology? The masters in the repair shop are laughing secretly

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cars getting cheaper cheaper development

With the rise of many domestic automobile brands in recent years , The price of cars is getting cheaper and cheaper now . For this phenomenon , Many people explain that science and technology are becoming more and more developed , So the cost of cars is getting lower and lower . At first I very much agreed with this view , After all, many automobile manufacturers are fully automatic now , I didn't know until I talked to a car repairman recently , Where is the cheapness of low-priced cars . In their view , There is nothing in the auto industry “ Cheap and fine ”. What's going on , Now I'll tell you what the master of the repair shop said .

For the reduction of car prices , The master of the repair shop does not deny that it is related to the reduction of the cost of manufacturing cars , In addition, many cars are purely domestic , It also reduces a lot of costs .

But judging from their experience in repairing cars over the years , The rapid decline in car prices has nothing to do with the above , But for the following reasons .

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