Appearance and strength coexist. How to choose the fifth generation Tousheng l?

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appearance strength coexist. coexist choose

Easy car original Beijing modern fifth generation Tucson L It has been on the market for some time , After such a long time , I believe you should have a certain understanding of this car . Referring to the fifth generation Tucson L The first thing we think of is its outstanding appearance and huge space , But is this car just like this ?

In other words , In such a competitive compact class SUV In the market , Is the appearance and space enough for it to occupy a place ?

appearance : Beauty is worth it , Who else? ?

Korean cars , in my opinion , Design must be the top priority , After all, this is one of the important reasons why they dominated the sales list in those years . The fifth generation Tucson L In the same way , Let's briefly review its design highlights . The fifth generation Tucson L Adopted by the “Sensuous Sportiness( Sensual movement )” Design concept , Let this car become one of the representative works of this design concept . Look at the details , It adopts a parameterized gem front grid that can be reflected with different viewing angles and light , stay LED With hidden daytime running lights , The overall performance is very three-dimensional , It's also quite novel .

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