What is the psychology of the owner of Huiteng W12 who plays the role of "public" and eats a tiger? That's hard to think of

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psychology owner huiteng w12 plays

Nowadays, many people who buy luxury cars have the same psychology , In a few words “ Flaunt wealth 、 hypocrite 、 High return rate ”. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if no one knew you when you drove out , So they usually buy luxury cars that everyone knows at a glance and knows the approximate price , Otherwise, it will lose its original meaning .

Of course, this can only represent the consumption concept of some people , Not all people who buy luxury cars think so . Some people say that really rich people don't like to show off , It can give people a sense of atmosphere between hands and feet . With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more Mercedes Benz and BMW on the street , In order not to follow the crowd, many local tyrants began to focus on the public Huiteng W12 On .

It is understood that the price of this car is about 250 All around , Because of the public logo, few people know its face , Plus the appearance similar to Passat , Many people even think of it as Passat . The writers also made up some funny jokes to make fun of : Dress up “ The public ” Eat tiger , And analyze buying Huiteng W12 What is the owner's psychology ? Many netizens are joking about : That's hard to think of !

The real car owner really doesn't have the psychology to choose to buy this car ? Through the self narration of several Volkswagen Phaeton owners, we have made the following summary , Today, let's satisfy everyone's curiosity . The first category : Keep a low profile and don't like publicity . This type of car owner is really rich , They don't want everyone to talk about it and they don't want to be the focus on the road . The reason why I bought this car is mainly to enjoy myself , Not to show off your wealth .

The second category : Avoid being recognized . Generally speaking, this type of car owner has a noble status , Don't want to be recognized . So they bought a Volkswagen Phaeton , If you don't know, you think it's just an ordinary model of Volkswagen . However, since it was caught on fire by the joke, the popularity of this car has increased rapidly , I'm afraid it's not so easy not to be recognized .

The third category : Fancy depreciation rate . Although the price of this car is high, its depreciation rate is also very high , When you're tired of driving, you can make hundreds of thousands more than Mercedes Benz and BMW . After all, the price is there. People who can't afford a new car will also consider starting a second-hand car for the sake of face , It's all possible . And what do you think of the psychology of such car owners ? Feel free to leave a comment !

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