The red flag, which is harder to see than Rolls Royce, is L5, but it is a little different

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red flag harder rolls royce

Red Flag cars are still rare , And this time these two red flags L5 But they stopped together , The words seem to be L5, In fact, there are differences , I've seen several Red Flag cars before , Found the red flag L5 With its small changes, although there are still slight changes on the whole .

The first is the front face of the car , The bumper of the latter is higher than the former , There are also several air inlets on the underside of the bumper , The headlights of the car have also changed , The old model of this car always adopts the design of cylinder lamp , Like human eyes , With eyelashes , But the small change has become a little small , And there is no original design , Even the fog lamp at the bottom is much smaller .

Then the back of the car , There is no change here , They all use the design of the old models , Secondly, the decorations in the car are the same , in general , That is, the front face of the car has changed a little .

The headlights of the old car are pear shaped , From the inside to the outside , But the small modified headlight is more like apple , It has become much smaller , It's round a lot , But the function is the same , After all, it's just a small change , Naturally, the change will not be too big , The latter mentioned something on the turn signal , And narrowed , The change of fog lamp is not obvious .

Nothing else has changed , The middle of the tire is still the shape of sunflower , The handle is still the original model , This kind of car is still very rare , Sometimes you can't see the shadow of this car in large auto shows , Other models may be available for a little more money , But this car is different , Money doesn't necessarily buy , The rarity of this car can be imagined , It can also be regarded as a symbol of one's identity .

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