Another big trumpchi will attack. With three seat layouts and 2.0T + 8at, it is expected to become a popular model

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big trumpchi attack. attack seat

Another big trumpchi will attack , Equipped with three seat layouts , take 2.0T+8AT, It is expected to become an explosion

Under the continuous efforts of independent brands , Domestic models have more and more say in today's domestic automobile market , And domestic consumers have gradually accepted domestic models . Today's domestic cars can be called real rising stars , It not only has a more beautiful appearance than the joint venture car , And most of the power is very strong , The key is , The cost performance of domestic models is also very high , No wonder so many consumers have become loyal fans of domestic models .

In fact, in the past, the main models of independent brands were still 100000 SUV models , These models not only often have a very sharp appearance , And the configuration is also relatively rich , It's definitely more cost-effective than a joint venture car of the same level . But that's why , Therefore, domestic cars are limited to a price range . However, today's independent car enterprises have realized this problem , We are constantly improving our product layout , The protagonist of this article , It is a brand new product with excellent overall strength SUV models , It is the new trumpchi GS8.

The appearance is completely new , More Aura

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