All your worries about buying a car are here!

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worries buying car

As the saying goes , It's easier to buy a car than to choose one , You bet , Buying a car is a very easy and happy thing , Because you just need to swipe your card with a good mood . But choosing a car is a knowledge , There are many things to consider , For example, appearance 、 To configure 、 Space 、 power 、 brand , Or is the quality of this car reliable ? Is the stability good ? How about after sales service ? Can you solve the problem in time ? I believe this is a problem that every consumer has considered when choosing a car .

I remember there was a news two years ago , A woman bought a car , The engine leaked oil before leaving the store , look for 4S Store theory , As a result, the answer given by others is to change an engine , Not a refund or a new car , This inevitably makes people feel speechless , After all, a new car instantly becomes a used car that has been overhauled , No one can stand it . therefore , In addition to considering the performance of automobile products when selecting cars , You must also choose one with guaranteed after-sales service , Only in this way can the interests of consumers be maximized . Speaking of this , The author thinks that FAW Pentium recently released at the new brand strategy press conference for the 15th Anniversary “518 Service rights ” It's very good .

So-called 518 Service rights , Namely 5 It's a commitment 、1 Xiang guarantee 、8 Rights and interests .5 The commitments are 30 Return and exchange for free every day 、 Four seasons delayed service 、 Quick rescue in the whole process 、45min maintain 、 Pure spare parts supply ;1 This guarantee is the continuous renewal of the whole vehicle lifetime warranty +5 Annual free oil ;8 This interest is free of charge 、 Free basic traffic 、 Add oil for free 、 Free test Huanxin 、 Free replacement 、 Free working hours on special days , Free Accident Trailer 、 Free tire warranty . It's about what you're worried about buying a car , It's all here , Especially these points , I really can't help thumbing up .

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