High speed truck in distress, deliberately hit the car in front, this is the industry rules?

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high speed truck distress deliberately

In our country, the car ownership is very high , According to relevant data statistics ,2020 In, China's car ownership was close to 4 One hundred million units , So on the road , Whether it's cars, trucks or buses , Everywhere . Many people drive and sum up a set of their own experience , For example, when driving at high speed, you must not drive side by side with large trucks , And there is such a saying among truck drivers : In an emergency , Never slow down . What's going on here ?

Someone has seen such a report on the Internet , When driving on the motorway , A large truck saw the car in front and suddenly stepped on the brake , Not only did it not slow down , And hit it straight , It eventually led to a tragic traffic accident , The passengers in the car also died . Many netizens criticized the big truck driver for being too cold-blooded , But it's not .

First of all, big trucks carry a lot of goods , If you want to press the brake , The braking distance of the car is very long , The speed of the vehicle slows down quite slowly . And changing lanes at high speed is even more dangerous , At such a fast speed , In the event of a collision with a vehicle on the side , The consequences will be severe . So in an emergency , The truck deliberately didn't step on the brake , It hit the car . Some people say it's their rule .

According to the driver of the truck , The goods loaded in a large truck are very valuable , In the event of an accident , Maybe I can't afford to sell my house . Again, if you force the brake , At high speeds, the vehicle may roll over , This will cause more serious serial accidents , So they will never step on the brakes in an emergency .

Small make up comment on , The drivers of large trucks work very hard , Busy day and night, just for this income of microblog , While driving, they strictly abide by the traffic rules . Instead, some cars change lanes at will , Random braking , More likely to cause traffic accidents , What do you think of their rules ?

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