The public is out! The new car is nearly 4.6 meters long and the fuel consumption is 5.8l

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public new car nearly meters

Friends who are concerned about the car market must know this sentence , Namely “ Look at Toyota in the world , Chinese cars look at Volkswagen ”. But this sentence is not nonsense , Volkswagen It has always had excellent market performance in China's automobile market , Moreover, it entered China's market earlier , It is also self-evident that it has a good reputation in China's automobile market , However, if we want to gain a solid market position in China's automobile market , Or the development strategy of constantly updating new models to meet the needs of specific national conditions , Although its market performance is excellent , But not every model under it can be loved by Chinese consumers , For example, we are going to talk about this Volkswagen station wagon Wei Ling . The public is desperate ! The new car is nearly 4 rice 6, Fuel consumption 5.8L, Fell to 9.69W Look at what domestic cars

First of all, from the body positioning of this car , As a A+ Class station wagon , The length, width and height are respectively 4559/1793/1487mm, The wheelbase is also reached 2614mm, The vehicle's spatial performance is very excellent , It also looks fashionable and dynamic , The classic chrome plated grille on the front face is combined with two sides LED Lamp group , It makes the front face of this car look very characteristic , The waist line on the side extends well to the position of the tail lamp , Make this car look sporty as a whole , meanwhile 17 The inch wheel hub design also sets off the temperament of this car to a great extent , The shape of the tail is also full and layered ,LED The tail lamp adopts a smoke design , This makes the car very recognizable after it is lit , At the same time, the Silver Chrome Plating also makes the car look thick and powerful , The exhaust layout of two sides is also very dynamic .

The interior design of the car is also solid and delicate , The interior space performance as a station wagon also has a spacious space performance , The shape of the center console looks layered , At the same time, all detail areas are covered with soft materials with excellent touch , At the same time, the multifunctional steering wheel without vacancy and the physical keys with full damping make this car also have an excellent driving experience , Like the rear air outlet 、 Power sunroof 、 Front and rear reversing radar 、 Cruise control 、 Automatic headlight 、 Keyless start 、 There is no shortage of security configuration and practical configuration such as keyless entry , The practical performance is also very excellent .

Finally, in terms of the power of this car , What he carries in this car is 1.5L The engine , Its maximum output power can reach 112 horsepower , The maximum torque is 145 Cattle meters , The power performance of the whole vehicle is excellent , At the same time, the matching of transmission is 6AT transmission , The overall driving quality is fairly good , At the same time, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is controlled at 5.8L about , As a family, it is very suitable for .

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