Just graduated from the performance car? 1.5T, break 100 in eight seconds! Who will Lingke 03 / trumpchi shadow leopard choose?

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graduated performance car 1.5t break

writing / Lei Lei

High performance compact car , This is a market that has been dominated by joint venture brands for many years ; once , Or based on R & D capabilities 、 Design capability pull crotch , Independent brands are quite inferior at this level , It's hard to come up with a truly competitive , Models that can really compete with joint venture brands .

But in the moment , Each independent brand has established a relatively stable 、 Healthy technology is moving towards R & D system ; This also gives them sufficient and abundant technical strength , To build a model that is equal to the joint venture brand . And in this wave of products , The newly listed GAC motor shadow leopard has been stuck at this level for a certain time , And achieved considerable results 03 models , It's quite eye-catching . today , Let's take these two cars together , Make a careful comparison .

Based on the principle of price similarity , The configurations we selected for these two cars are the official guide price 12.80 Ten thousand yuan trumpchi shadow leopard J16 Version and official guide price 13.68 Ten thousand yuan of Lingke 03 1.5TD DCT Strength Plus models .

Shape design , Trumpchi shadow Leopard 、 Led the g 03 Have a fairly good and appropriate design level ; in other words , They are not based on an existing civil vehicle , Spread those colorful with force 、 Colorful sports elements , To dress up extraordinarily beautiful . But from scratch , In the way closest to user preferences , Arrange the direction of each line , Set the radian of each surface , Let them at the very beginning , It's different from the usual on the road .

For the shadow leopard , This car is better than Lingke 03 Obviously a little more ferocious ,; Compare car models J16 The flying air intake grille used in the model of version 、 Car side V The zigzag waistline converges and tightens as a whole , Have a strong sense of muscle tension , The four exhaust from the rear of the car , It is also a finishing touch .

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