Don't worry if you can't afford a BMW X5. The shape of this product is more domineering than Mercedes Benz gle, but the price is more generous than Audi Q7

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don worry afford bmw x5.

As a Korean luxury brand , This is not the first time that Genesys has set foot in the Chinese market , Now , It also sees the potential of the domestic market , Play two trumps , One is a medium and large car G80, Another one , Is our protagonist today GV80.

The lowest price of the car is 52.98 ten thousand , Full system carrying 2.5TL4 Turbocharged engine +8AT transmission + all-wheel-drive , The power can be said to be very surging , Than the audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes GLE Of 2.0T The engine , Some more , Even comparable to the three models 6 Cylinder engine .

aesthetic , Janice Seth GV80, It looks very tall , The front face is all chrome plated medium mesh , Split headlights ,LED cornering lamp , Very neatly distributed , The tail light is connected with the waist line , At first glance , It's like Bentley Tim Yue , It's just that the new Bentley adds more tail lights , It's flat , There are some differences in this , Rectangular exhaust with two sides in total , It's been a long time .

interiors , Janice Seth GV80 It also creates a certain sense of advanced , Double width steering wheel , Very simple , Leather material , Excellent grip , The range of the horn is very large , It's easy to press , Effortless , Naked eye 3D The liquid crystal instrument , The compasses , The central control screen is full of science and technology , Janice Seth GV80, The most praiseworthy point , There are still many physical buttons under the LCD .

The seat in , The back row is obviously softer than the front row , Janice Seth GV80 The captain of the car is close to 5 rice , The wheelbase than 3 rice , In fact, according to my personal understanding , The five seat model of this car is enough , Third row seats , Although there are related configurations , But after all, it's not suitable for adult passengers , Children can only sit in emergency , So five seats will be the best state of the car , The rear row is equipped with independent air conditioner , Privacy glass , Electrically adjustable seat , These are visible and practical configurations .

As for the dynamic part , I believe I've tested the Denise GV80 Our friends all know , Comfort mode and Sport mode , It's completely two personalities , In comfort mode , The chassis and suspension are very soft ……

In conclusion , This range of 600000 , Want to choose a medium and large SUV, There are many options , Cadillac is a domestic joint venture CT6, Chang'an Lincoln flying home , Imported Volkswagen Touareg, a non luxury brand , as for BBA Audi models Q7, Janice Seth GV80 I still have the strength to fight with one of them , As for BMW X5 and GLE, Looks like GV80 Want to win them , It's still very hanging , After all, in terms of brand competitiveness , Both have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

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