Good reputation. It's worth having a little brother to take you to see BYD Tang

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good reputation. reputation worth having

Speaking of BYD's Dynasty car line , No one will feel strange . since 2018 Since its launch in , BYD Tang's cumulative sales have achieved considerable results . A new generation of BYD Tang as a medium-sized SUV, Its comprehensive strength has been recognized by consumers . The following little brother brings you the real shooting experience of this car .

The tang dynasty 2021 paragraph 2.0T Flagship 7 The front face of the seat looks quite atmospheric , The grille appears to have a great visual impact , Plus exquisite headlights , In line with consumers' aesthetic .

From the side , The length, width and height of the car body are 4870/1940/1720mm, The wheelbase is 2820mm, Equipped with Jiatong tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 245/45 R20.

The rear design , Tang presents a simple design style , The following exhaust layout uses a hidden design , The tail light looks quite fashionable , The overall shape of the rear is still very attractive .

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