Another independent brand has "fallen" and its sales volume has been 0 for 11 consecutive months. Are Chinese people ignorant of goods?

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independent brand fallen sales consecutive

Domestic independent brands SUV In recent years, we have achieved excellent sales results , Catch up with and surpass the joint venture brand . Especially like the new Harvard H6,CS75PLUS And Bo Yue and so on , Very kind and solid in terms of driving texture and workmanship materials , The three major parts are in line with international standards , Like Aisin gearbox , And the blue whale engine . Not enough competition is cruel , The so-called natural selection, survival of the fittest . Another independent brand “ fall ” 了 , Continuous 11 The monthly sales volume is 0, Are Chinese people ignorant of goods ? It is Changhe Q7.

Changhe Q7, This is jichanghe Q35 After the launch of another SUV, And Changhe Q7 Level positioning ratio Q35 higher . In appearance design , Congchang River Q7 I can't see the characteristics of other models of BAIC Changhe , That is what we often call family design , Changhe Q7 It belongs to tiger head and tiger brain , Including every detail design , Strive to create a majestic feeling .

The interior is very pleasing to the eye , Configuration is the highlight , Independent brand models are equipped with Sego technology , I believe everyone here is well aware of this , If I say this car, in addition to the more common one click Start 、AUTOHOLD Automatic parking 、360 In addition to the panoramic image, it is also equipped with a kick sensing tailgate , Will you be as surprised as me .

Power and driving experience , Changhe Q7 Carrying... From Mitsubishi 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 110Kw, Maximum torque 210 N·m. The gearbox has CVT. Changhe Q7 Yes S Gear movement mode is available , In sport mode, the throttle response is significantly better than D Gear mode is much faster . I prefer to use... For everyday driving S block , Overtaking won't be so hard , But the corresponding will also sacrifice some fuel consumption .

Someone might say , Such a large body is equipped with this Mitsubishi 4A91t The engine , The small inertia turbine improves the response ability in the low rotation range to a certain extent . Plus CVT The Taijiquan style of the gearbox , There is no obvious retardation in dynamic response , There is no pleasant overtaking experience , The whole process is not slow .


Changhe Q7 The appearance and interior upholstery still give people a bright feeling , In particular, the materials used for interior decoration are worth savoring , But the appearance is a fake imitation of Land Rover . I haven't eaten this for years , Zhongtai is the most powerful proof . Another domestic car “ fall ” 了 , Continuous 11 The monthly sales volume is 0, Are Chinese people ignorant of goods ? Regarding this , What do you think ? Where is the future of domestic cars ? Leave a comment below

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