Aunt dried fish on Rolls Royce. When asked why, her answer was funny

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aunt dried fish rolls royce.

Rolls Royce is a famous luxury car brand , Standard for the rich , Rich people don't deserve a Rolls Royce in their garage. They can't even say they have money . The goddess sign and RR The logo has always been easy to identify , People who have a little pursuit of luxury cars must know . The problem is , Some people have never seen such an expensive car in their life , I can't understand its price .

There is such an aunt , I have lived in a small village by the sea all my life , I never know what a luxury car is , I even think millions of cars are lying . So when a Rolls Royce stopped at her door , She didn't even recognize it , I just think this car is very unique , And the front and rear of the car are very long , Just dry your fish .

She took out a dustpan of dried fish from home , Go around the front of the car , It's beautiful and serious . But she just finished putting the fish , The owner came back . See your car being made like this , The owner was a little angry , A little fun . What is this operation ?

When aunt comes out with the second dustpan fish , The two sides just hit . The owner told his aunt , This is my own car , I'm leaving soon , Let her take down her dried fish . She also asked why she wanted to sun it in her car , Is it because your car is the most expensive , Dried fish can also be sold more expensive ?

But aunt is very confused , He replied : You conductor , I can dry more fish . After hearing this , The owner burst into laughter , Aunt Ganqing really doesn't know her car ! The owner told aunt , I spent millions on this car , When Aunt heard about the price , It took a long time to believe it , Immediately took the dried fish down .

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