grieved! The famous actor Yu Yuexian died of a serious car accident at the age of 50

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grieved famous actor yu yuexian

From early spring , By the end of summer ,2021 More than half a year , The performing arts circle has lost several famous actors in succession , While the audience was deeply sorry , Another bad news came .8 month 9 The morning of , The famous actor Yu Yuexian died of a car accident in Inner Mongolia , At the age of 50 year . With , Yu Yuexian's departure ,“ Aunt Bigfoot ” Also left us forever !

1、 Chase for dreams

Yu Yuexian ,1971 Born in Inner Mongolia in , She is a typical prairie girl , Tall and tall , Facial features delicate , A beautiful long hair , Coupled with the unique cool and hot temper of grassland people , Let Yu Yuexian be different from her peers since childhood , Especially dazzling in the crowd . When I was a child , Yu Yuexian likes to play with her cousin Ma Lijuan , Because there is a strong artistic atmosphere in my cousin's house , Watching my cousin's house full of musical instruments and artistic relatives , Little Yu Yuexian is always very envious , Also secretly hide the dream of pursuing art in my heart .

12 year , There are already two sisters at home , Another child , Her brother Yu Yingjie was born . With one more child, the financial pressure of the family is greater , Coupled with the idea of son preference in that era , Yu Yuexian's wish to learn dance again failed again . therefore , As the eldest sister in the family , Yu Yuexian was sensible and didn't mention his thoughts to his parents , But helping the family take care of my brother .

Finally arrived 17 year , When Yu Yuexian was studying as a kindergarten teacher in his hometown Chifeng City , Have access to formal dance training . In school , Yu Yuexian's learning is enjoyable . Outside school , Cousin Ma Lijuan has performed well , It has become a little famous on the major stages in Inner Mongolia . Every time I go out to find my cousin , Watching my cousin's dazzling performance on the stage , Let Yu Yuexian, who has been suppressing her dream, make up her mind , In the future, we must become an excellent actor like our sister .

therefore , stay 21 At the age of, Yu Yuexian's opportunity finally came .1992 year , Beijing Central Academy of drama recruits students from all over the country , Hearing the news, Yu Yuexian secretly ran to the Admissions Office , Write down your name . Wait until the exam , Yu Yuexian almost missed the time , Fortunately, when I got to the examination room , There are still two teachers who haven't left . therefore , The teacher made an exception and asked Yu Yuexian to take the exam . On the same day, Yu Yuexian danced a chopstick dance that had been prepared for a long time , The successful harvest is the recognition of the two teachers , Promotion to the examination of culture class . Just when everything is ready , When preparing for the culture class , Yu Yuexian was blocked by the work unit assigned after graduation . In order to dispel her thoughts , Not just lecturing , He was also transferred from his original post . however , These did not make Yu Yuexian give up , Instead, more seriously prepare for the review of culture class . With the determination to win , Yu Yuexian successfully passed the final examination . At this time , But the unit obstructed the file again , I don't agree with Yu Yuexian . Last , After the efforts of the teachers of the Chinese opera Enrollment Office , Yu Yuexian turned out her file and came to the Chinese opera . Many years later , On the program, Yu Yuexian also specially expressed her gratitude to the two teachers for their help , Thank you for meeting such a good teacher .

2、 First love , A lifetime of company

Come to the Chinese opera , Among the classmates, there is a male classmate who is about his age. His name is Zhang Xuesong , Attracted Yu Yuexian's attention . In limine , Yu Yuexian felt that Zhang Xuesong took good care of his classmates like his big brother , Let Yu Yuexian feel very warm when he first came to a foreign land . next , At the same time, the two who were selected as class cadres by the teacher have more contact opportunities after learning , Gradually, beautiful feelings between young men and women were conceived in each other's eyes , Soon they became an enviable couple in the class . thereafter , For more than twenty years, they have been with each other , Never separated . middle , In order to help Yu Yuexian solve the family burden and take care of Yu Yuexian's work , They even agreed to give up having their own children with Yu Yuexian . therefore , Until today, , Yu Yuexian and her husband have no children , But they still love each other for decades .

3、 The bottom of the business , The burden of family

96 Years after graduation , Yu Yuexian entered the performing arts circle as scheduled and began to work hard , Waiting for opportunities on various sets . Soon , In the movie 《 a man should take a wife and a woman should take a husband 》、《 There is no story in a small village 》 Participate in the performance . Experience gained , Yu Yuexian has more opportunities to participate in the show , Then with its excellent appearance , Yu Yuexian is still in a large costume drama 《 Water margin 》 There was a wonderful performance in , among “ Jin Cuilian ” She played .

And what people remember more deeply is 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Played in “ Chen Wuzhen ”. At that time , already 31 Year old Yu Yuexian will “ Chen Wuzhen ” Charming 、 The charm of flirtatious and scheming is handled properly , Let the audience who have seen the TV play will “ Chen Wuzhen ” Teeth itch with hate .

But later, although Yu Yuexian became more popular in the circle , But her role , Always react often , Not famous . Looking at some alumni Gong Li 、 Xu Fan and others have become famous , Yu Yuexian was very anxious .

But just then , Yu Yingjie, the only brother in the family, is getting worse and worse , It's time to face the threat of death . As the eldest sister in the family , Another pillar , The pressure of Yu Yuexian can be imagined . Facing the double blow of family and career , Yu Yuexian was not hit . With the support of her husband , Yu Yuexian lent money to her brother for surgery in Nanjing . Now my brother is not only healthy , And live a happy life , A happy family . Sister's pay , I have always let my brother Yu Yingjie sincerely thank me , And called her sister her savior .

4、 Noble Zhao Benshan , achievement “ Thank you ”

2003 year , Zhang Xuesong took Zhao Benshan, who was already famous all over the country at that time , To see his wife Yu Yuexian's play . Watching Yu Yuexian's wonderful performance on the stage , Zhao Benshan not only praised repeatedly , And promised in front of the couple , If you have a good role in your play in the future, you must first find Yu Yuexian to play .

That's it 2005 year , A phone call to Benshan has changed 34 Year old Yu Yuexian . On the phone, Zhao Benshan invited Yu Yuexian to play a TV play 《 Rural love 》 A corner of Xie Dajiao in . For this part , Yu Yuexian not only gained weight nearly 20 Jin , Also went to the countryside to experience life , To play the role of a qualified rural woman . This performance , Namely 16 year , Yu Yuexian's Xie Dajiao not only made the national audience remember her , It also makes Yu Yuexian, who has worked hard for many years, finally feel the sense of famous achievement . after , Wherever you go ,“ Thank you ” Where are the voices of .

unfortunately , Life is so fragile , Yu Yuexian's departure , Not only took away “ Thank you ”, Also took a lot of 90 In our hearts 《 Rural love 》. Let's say one last thing :“ Aunt Bigfoot , Good bye. Take care. !”

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