Li Shufu won another grand slam! The new limo luxury car is more eye-catching than the Big Ben, and the interior is comparable to the airplane cabin

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li shufu won grand slam

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards , Cars have played a more and more important role , But compared with domestic cars , Many riders prefer imported cars and joint ventures , exactly , Domestic cars started late , Short development time and other reasons , There is a big gap between imported cars in terms of power and appearance , But in recent years, domestic cars have developed rapidly , Has made great strides to keep up with imported cars , Especially in the research and development of high-end vehicles , Many people are surprised , Geely as an old domestic car , In this regard, it has been in the forefront of domestic cars .

As an old domestic car , Geely has always focused on practicality and cost performance before , More by virtue of price advantage in the fierce auto market to occupy a place , But Geely's previous Lineker series , It breaks this impression , Lingke series at a low price , Power and appearance have been improved , The reputation among car owners is very good , It is also listed by many local government departments as official vehicles for mass procurement , It can be said that it has played a role for domestic cars “ Turn around ”, This time Geely joined hands with Volvo we are familiar with to build a joint venture car , Also didn't let the car owner down , The new brand is named Jixing .

Unlike previous Geely cars , This car is a joint venture with Volvo , As a high-end car, it should have the same configuration : Double doors and huge aluminum alloy wheels , Plus the iconic “ quake ” Double headlights , But the most attractive , It should be its brand new logo logo, This car doesn't use Geely's previous Shield logo , It's a brand new polar star logo , It looks more upscale and three-dimensional , I'm afraid it's not inferior to Mercedes Benz , And this logo can only appear on Geely's high-end models .

Open the door , You will be amazed by its configuration again , Practical tire pressure monitoring . Lane departure warning is a lot of , and , It's equipped with 10 airbag , Plus 2.0T Turbocharged engine and front and rear double permanent magnet synchronous motors , So that its output power reaches 440KW above , It takes only a hundred to break the speed 5 second , And as a joint venture with Volvo , There's no need to say more about security ?

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