The car inspection kicked the accelerator to the end and the engine roared to 6000 rpm. Is this the specified operation of the car inspection?

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car inspection kicked accelerator end

As our daily means of transportation, cars should be cherished , Pay special attention to daily repair and maintenance . In addition, the car should be inspected regularly , Make sure it's safe . Because some parts may rust if they are not used for a long time , In addition, some invisible small problems are prone to danger .

It makes sense that the annual inspection should be a good thing , But in recent years “ The smell has changed ”. The reason for this is that some lawless elements want to take advantage of the opportunity of annual inspection to collect money wantonly , Even during the annual inspection “ Violent car inspection ” The situation of , It must hurt everyone .

Recently, some netizens make complaints about the car's detection line 6000 turn , Seeing this, we have to ask : Is this the operation specified by the vehicle inspection ? In fact, this practice is unscientific , And it is impossible to achieve 6000 turn .

Especially when driving downtown , Even on the highway, by the hour 120 The speed of kilometers can't reach 6000 turn , So it's enough to say that one foot on the accelerator 6000 Transfer is not a unified standard . During the annual inspection, many inspectors habitually step on the accelerator to the end , Then watch the pointer on the tachometer rise wildly .

Simple science popularization , Generally speaking, there are four detection methods for gasoline vehicles , Namely : single 、 Double idle , Simple transient condition and steady state condition detection method . The latter two are the most common , In case of double idle speed method, the speed is 2500 Just turn left and right .

Now the requirements of annual inspection are higher and higher , I'm afraid it's not so easy to get through , The key is that some of them also go against the original intention of the annual inspection , Therefore, the call to cancel the annual inspection continues . Here it is , I hope relevant departments can pay attention to , At the same time, I also hope that car owners can straighten out their mentality and actively cooperate , After all, it's for your own driving safety , So we should pay more attention . I don't know what everyone thinks about this ?

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