The result of 7.7s acceleration is beyond imagination to test modern mingtu pure electric

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result 7.7s acceleration imagination test

Modern name map since 2013 Since it was sold in China in, it has been highly praised , From the initial 1.8L and 2.0L Two engines , Later, the maximum power is increased to 128.7kW, Peak torque 265N·m Of 1.6T The engine , Mingtu has launched many different power versions .

The famous pictures on sale today include a 1.8L Naturally aspirated engine and a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , among 1.5T The maximum power of the engine is 125, Peak torque 253N·m. This is the most powerful fuel map that can be bought on the market at present .

If you don't mind? , There is also a more powerful pure electric version , The maximum power of this car 135kW, Peak torque 310N·m, Such dynamic parameters , It deserves to be the strongest version of modern famous pictures . Today we'll pull it to the test site , Look at the name map How fast is pure electric .

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