No car paint all metal shell Lamborghini Miura auction

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car paint metal shell lamborghini

[ Car home Che Ku Wen Hua ] About Miura We've written a lot about the auction , It is the first Lamborghini to carry V12 Super sports car with engine , from Bertone The company was only 25 Year old rookie designer Marcello · Gandini's knife , The low shape is like a bull bent down to attack , It's unforgettable .

lamborghini Miura On 1966 It came out in , The middle rear drive layout is adopted . The appearance of the car , Laid the real meaning of “ Supercar ”. this RM Sotheby's What the company is going to auction is a 1971 paragraph Miura P400 S, It carries 4.0 l V12 The engine , The most powerful 370 horsepower , Peak torque 388 cattle · rice ,0–97km/h Acceleration time 6.7 second .

stay 1966 year ~1973 Year , lamborghini Miura A total of 764 car . At this auction Miura Chassis number 4761, Engine number 30580, Body number 675, Production number 575. the Miura Originally by a student studying in the United States 19 Owned by a 20-year-old Iranian girl , Her rich parents ordered this gray white appearance for her 、 The American version of the blue interior super runs .

The girl drove for about two years , Until an accident made Miura The right headlight area of the is damaged . She sold her car to the owner of a garage in California , The latter wants to repair the vehicle , But because of Miura Failure to make progress due to the complexity of the design . thereafter , The car was left in the warehouse for more than 40 year , until 2019 It was discovered in , The driving mileage is fixed at insufficient 1.6 Thousands of miles .

The current owner is a passionate classic car lover , He assembled a team of experts , Time consuming 8 Months on this Miura Repaired . The damaged front recovered so , The original paint is removed , Only the metal shell is left to show Miura The beauty of lines like sculpture . It is expected that the transaction price of the car will be in 180 ten thousand ~220 Between ten thousand dollars .( writing / Car home Li Yiwen Picture from the Internet )

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