Can you embrace young people by participating in China joy auto enterprises?

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embrace young people participating china

[ Car home information ] At the beginning of the month , Current China Joy( hereinafter referred to as CJ) The curtain came to an end . As a half buried “ The second dimension ”, I wandered around when I was in college China Joy, In those years CJ It's just a grand event of quadratic and game house , But these two years , Car companies also began to pile up CJ The traditional , This year, trumpchi shadow Leopard 、 BYD dolphins and Ola good cats GT All choose to be listed or pre-sale at this event .

■ Which car company has the most flavor ?

stay CJ The car on the show , At least you have to have that smell , Otherwise, it's easy to work hard and thankless , For example, hannanda appeared in CJ The scene is very delicate , May be used as a work car ( I didn't mean hanlanda was bad ). The painting style of trumpchi shadow leopard is the same as China joy Very fit , The car says from beginning to end “ I just want to sell it to young people ”, think about it , Just 983 ( Pay tribute to Su Bingtian's numbers ), Up to 128000 , You can get a low lying 、 handsome 、 Kick the accelerator, the exhaust pipe, the screaming leopard ; Switch Sport+, There are five circles on the central control screen , Water temperature, turbine pressure and so on , great , This is no more fragrant than that Civic ?

Shadow leopard in CJ The playing method is similar to that at the auto show , It's just that the model has been replaced coser, Plus the popular blind box 、DIY、 Play and experience the game , When I saw the glory of the king standing in front of the shadow leopard with the characters of the League of Heroes , I can't help sighing ,MOBA Peace depends on cars .

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