In July, the sales volume of its own brand was reviewed. If Geely didn't work hard, it was caught up by Chery

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july sales brand reviewed. reviewed

The Olympic Games are over , China's top players are really awesome , A very gratifying record . Today, brother man is also here to talk about our domestic auto brand ,7 What is the record of the month .

Geely 8 month 6 The sales volume was announced on the th ,7 A total of 99275 A new car , Last year 7 The moon fell 5.6%.1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 729512 car , Only completed annual sales 153 Ten thousand target cars 48%. Among them, Lingke 7 Monthly sales volume is 18225 car , Up year on year 19%. The geometry series also got a good report card ,7 In may 7127 Vehicle order , Actual delivery exceeds 5000 platform .

Look at Chery , Chery Holdings 7 Sales in January 83678 car , An increase of nearly 5 become ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 508415 car . The sales volume of Chery brand is 55566 car , It's selling well , With Kunpeng power 2.0T GDI The Ruihu of the engine 8 Kunpeng version is on the market , Future sales are very promising . A shortcut to independence 7 Monthly sales are also 15745 car , Continue to break the 10000 Taiwan mark . Xingtu has increased year-on-year 130%, But no specific data are given , So guess last year 7 What are the monthly sales figures of Xingtu ?

And byd ,7 Sales also continued to grow in January , sell 56975 Vehicles , Year-on-year growth 89.4%. Among them, BYD's new energy vehicles are sold 50057 car , Further shrink the market of fuel vehicles . Byd han 7 Monthly sales 8522 car , The starting price of the standard endurance version is reduced to 20.95 All the , Make it more competitive .

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