Toyota is on fire again! This time it is more beautiful than the 3 series, with thermal efficiency of 41% and fuel consumption of 4.1l

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toyota time beautiful series thermal

The current market competition is still very fierce , If you want the model to have an excellent advantage in the market , Then you must have your own excellent characteristics and strong brand influence , From the current market situation , In the market, we should talk about the best Automobile Brand , Then it must be the public , Toyota , Honda, Nissan and other auto brands , Many of their models are on the market , Whether it's SUV The model is still the traditional car field , They are all there , This car we're going to talk about today , It also has a strong sales performance in the market , It's Camry from Toyota . Toyota is on fire again ! This time than 3 It's beautiful , thermal efficiency 41%, Fuel consumption 4.1L, only 17.98W

From his appearance design , It can be found that this car adopts the latest family design , The micro thorn shaped grille on the front face is combined with a unique logo and eagle eye light groups on both sides , Let's see that the overall visual effect is very aggressive , Than BMW 3 It's even more beautiful , meanwhile LED The light source design makes him also look like he has a particularly good sense of science and Technology , The larger inlet also widens the transverse width of the first two parts , The design of the side is not complicated , The design of the waistline looks and sharp , Create an elegant posture , In combination with the sliding back contour, the low body also has a good sports posture , And from its tail , Its design is square and full . The strong metal wire drawing trim connects the lamp groups on both sides , Echo processing with the front face , Exhaust holes for bilateral exhaust and duckling tail deflector , All further strengthen the sports properties of this car .

After entering the interior part of the car ,4.85 Meter long and 2.82 Meter wheelbase , Let it belong to a standard B Class car size , It looks more concise and atmospheric , A lot of mixed color matching makes its interior look very durable , At the same time, a large number of plastic lining process soft materials are combined with the filling of the solid wood market , It has a very delicate feel , In addition, Silver Chrome plating is added to the details , Exquisite sewing technology and seamless splicing technology , Is to enable it to show excellent strength , In terms of configuration, it is like keyless start blind spot monitoring , Active braking , Airbag and other configurations are also indispensable , It also ensures the safety of people driving cars .

Finally, let's talk about the power system of this car , What it carries are 2.0 L and 2.5 L engine , Their maximum output power can reach 131 and 154 kw , The maximum torque is 210 and 256 Cattle meters , The transmission is equipped with cvt and 8at transmission , Besides, there are 2.5 L a little mixed version , The maximum output power of this version can reach 160 kw , The maximum torque is 221 Cattle meters , And what matches that is ecvt transmission , The thermal efficiency of the power system is as high as 41%, The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is as low as 4.1 l .

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