Release of lanbokini Countach LPI 800-4 Preview

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release lanbokini countach lpi 800-4

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Lamborghini officially released the preview of its new limited edition hybrid sports car . The new car may be reactivated “Countach( Parameters | inquiry )” This legendary name , And named it “Countach LPI 800-4”.“ be reborn ” Of Countach In appearance, it will perfectly show the wedge body , Power will also be used with Sián Similar models 6.5 l V12 Naturally aspirated engine combined with super capacitor hybrid system . It is reported that , In the new car 8 month 15 The first appearance at the Pebble Beach auto show opened on the th , Estimated limit 112 platform .

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『 Preview of Lamborghini's new hybrid sports car 』

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『 lamborghini LPI 800-4 Leakage diagram 』

From the currently released preview , The new car didn't reveal more details about the design , But from the overall shape , The new car will have a classic wedge body design , This perfectly shows 1971 Published in Countach Car body structure . At present, the full name of the new car available from a leaked picture will be named “Countach LPI 800-4”, The first is to re enable Countach Model name of the vehicle ; secondly ,LPI The full name is “Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido”, It represents hybrid ; Back number “800” and “4” According to Lamborghini's naming convention , Each represents 800 Horsepower and 4WD system .

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『 Leak diagram of Lamborghini's new hybrid sports car 』

It is worth mentioning that , At present, there is also a suspected card from overseas Countach LPI 800-4 Side view of real vehicle , In the picture, you can see the segmented air inlet design , And a tank cap , And the white of the car body may be the same as that of the year Countach White car paint just released .

 lamborghini Sián 2019 paragraph Basic type

『 lamborghini Sián』

in addition , Some overseas media say , With the Winkelmann After a brief exchange, I learned that ,Countach Position in Sián and Ultimae Between the two models , It represents the transition from traditional gasoline models to hybrid models “ bridge ” models . It is important to ,LPI 800-4 It will also be the last Lamborghini to use supercapacitor Technology .Winkelmann Express :“ In our view , Supercapacitor technology is only a bridge technology to hybrid , It itself can not meet our future development , The need to reduce emissions .”

We expect , Rebirth version Countach It will be a limited production model , Whereas Aventador The final version Ultimae Just appeared , A new car won't be Aventador Successor . Besides , Rumor has it that the reborn version Countach The starting price of is expected to exceed 100 Thousands of dollars .( writing / Car home graduation )

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