Investment in R & D: Evergrande motor lost about 4.8 billion in the first half of the year

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investment evergrande motor lost billion

[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , Evergrande automobile issued an announcement , It is expected to record a net loss in the first half of this year , Mainly because the company is still in the investment stage , Purchase of fixed assets and equipment 、 Spending on technology research and development has increased .

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Analysts say , The early R & D investment of new energy vehicle industry is huge 、 Long payback period , Therefore, the vast majority of new energy vehicle enterprises are still in the loss stage . Take Evergrande automobile as an example , By the end of last year, it has invested in 474 Billion , The R & D investment is as high as 249 Billion , Ensure that the company is in the chassis structure 、 powertrain 、 The battery 、 Engineering technology 、 Intelligent networking 、 It has core technologies in areas such as automatic driving .

since this year on , Evergrande built cars to speed up : Hengchi respectively 2 The month and 6 Winter and summer tests are carried out in January , stay 4 Shanghai auto show in May , Nine models of hengchi are officially unveiled . at present , henci 1( Parameters | inquiry )、 henci 3、 henci 5、 henci 6、 henci 7 A total of five trial production vehicles have been completed offline . Analysts say , With hengchi's full interview production in the fourth quarter , Large scale delivery next year , Evergrande motor will usher in a rise in performance . More about the brand , We will continue to pay attention .( Source : Evergrande automobile ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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