"Country love" Xie Dajiao died in a car accident. She is willing to work hard to rewrite her fate

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country love xie dajiao died

8 month 9 Japan , Famous actor Yu Yuexian ,《 Rural love 》 The actor of Xie Dajiao , During filming in Inner Mongolia , A car accident occurs when the speed is too fast , Because of the injury , The rescue failed and died , Years old 50 year .

We never know which comes first tomorrow or accident , May aunt Bigfoot go all the way !

Yu Yuexian's life is extremely inspirational , She used her perseverance , Shine in the industry you love . today , Her life came to an abrupt end , But the glory and touch of her life will never die .

For the Chinese opera , Be humiliated , But she persevered , Finally pried open the door of the famous school

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