City NGP is coming, Xiaopeng P5 real car road test video exposure

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city ngp coming xiaopeng p5

[ Car home information ]  Xiao peng's NGP(Navigation Guided Pilot) Automatic navigation assisted driving system and Tesla NOA He Weilai NOP And other functions are similar , It allows the vehicle to assist the driver in driving according to the navigation route , Reduce fatigue . Xiao peng's NGP The function was first applied in P7 Above the model , It can realize highway automatic navigation assistance . Coming on the market P5 The model is also equipped with NGP function , But thanks to lidar and NVIDIA Xavier Use of domain controllers , Give Way P5 It can realize the automatic navigation assistance of urban road conditions . This morning, , A Xiaopeng engineer released a paragraph in his circle of friends P5 In the city NGP Function test drive video , What is Xiaopeng's city NGP What is the current level of functionality ? Let's take a look .

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『 Xiao peng P5』

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『 The city released by engineer Xiaopeng NGP Road test video 』

In this road test video released by engineer Xiaopeng , a P5 Independent left turn has been realized at the traffic light intersection in the urban area . This is Xiao Peng P5 XPILOT 3.5 Driver assistance system NGP An important part of the function , It is also one of the main application scenarios of lidar sensors .

● It can automatically turn on the turn signal to change lanes

From the video we can see , Before entering the left turn lane , First, the left turn signal is automatically turned on , Then enter the left turn lane . Xiao peng P5 The forward-looking three eye camera system on the can accurately judge the position of the front lane , The radar and cameras around the car body, including the lidar in front, constantly monitor the surrounding obstacles , Ensure the safety of vehicle lane change .

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『 Xiao peng P5 Turn on the turn signal to change lanes 』

● Be able to recognize the traffic lights at the intersection and decide whether to stop

When the test vehicle is about to reach the traffic light intersection , The system sends out “ Green light at the intersection , About to turn left ” The prompt . This explanation , Xiao peng P5 Be able to identify the status of traffic lights in front of the vehicle , It can control whether the vehicle passes through the intersection or stops according to this state . Since Xiaopeng has not publicized to the outside world yet P5 Support vehicle road interconnection technology , The probability of the test vehicle depends on the forward camera to know the state of the traffic lights through the image recognition method .

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『 Xiao peng P5 Identify intersection traffic light status 』

● Have the ability to turn left at traffic light intersections

Next , The test vehicle turned left and entered the leftmost lane of the left road . How to select the right target lane after left turn is the key to the autonomous left turn function . The target lane in the video is bidirectional 6 Vehicle Lane , The test vehicle is likely to use high-precision maps or some advanced computer algorithms to avoid vehicles from going wrong . Judging from the fluency of the whole process of turning left , Xiaopeng's city NGP The system should have been developed to a relatively perfect level .

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『 Xiao peng P5 Successfully turn left into the target lane 』

in addition , When the vehicle turns left , Xiao peng P5 Environmental data scanned by lidar , It can well supplement the environmental data obtained by the forward camera , Make city NGP Function makes more reliable decisions .

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From the video released this time , Xiao peng P5 City NGP The function is used to deal with the common left turn scenes at intersections in urban areas , The control fluency of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle passing through the intersection have been the same as Baidu I have tried before Appolo Sharing an unmanned car is almost the same ( Click to view related articles ). In the Chinese market , Xiaopeng should be the first city to open mass production models NGP Manufacturer of road test video , Its self trust comes from the technical advantages of full stack self-research and advanced development concept . City NGP Once it lands , It means that we are one step closer to the autonomous driving society . Xiao peng P5 It's expected to be in 9 Month official listing , I don't know the city NGP Whether the function can be installed as scheduled ? Or first equip with hardware with enough computing power , Subsequently passed OTA To achieve? ? in any case , Xiao peng P5 Take this XPILOT 3.5 The actual performance of driving assistance system is very worthy of expectation .( writing / Car home Chang Qinglin )

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