Add quantity! GM will build two additional cell plants in the United States

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add quantity gm build additional

[ Car home   information ]  We learned a few days ago , In order to further expand the scale of cell production , GM decided to build two additional super factories for electric vehicle cells in the United States , meanwhile , At present, two factories are under construction , After this expansion , GM's annual cell capacity will be significantly increased in the future , It is reported that , This number will exceed 100 GWh.

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before , General motors and LG Energy solutions co founded Ultium Cells LLC Joint venture , at present , The company's first plant in lodestown, Ohio has entered “ Ending up ” Stage , According to a source , The factory will be in 2022 Officially put into production in ; News of the second lithium battery plant in Springhill, Tennessee has surfaced , It is reported that , The factory will be a Cadillac that has just released a mass production version of the official map Lyriq The model is supplied with batteries .

According to ge , future , With the continuous improvement of cell demand , The brand will continue to increase production capacity , These factories can not only better meet the market demand , It can also provide more employment opportunities for people , It's like killing two birds with one stone . But so far , We don't know whether the two new plants will continue to be owned by GM and LG Energy solutions work together to create .( writing / Car home Andy du )

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