Positioning small pure electric SUV Volkswagen id.2 hypothetical image exposure

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positioning small pure electric suv

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We got... From overseas media The public ID.( Parameters | inquiry )2 Imaginary map of , New car based MEB Platform to build , Or it will be positioned as a small pure electric SUV. It is reported that , The car will pay more attention to economy , At the same time, the price is more close to the people . Besides , This new car may come as soon as 2023 Annual appearance .

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The public ID.2 Your position will be in ID.3 and ID.4 under , Because it is also based on MEB Platform to build , They may adopt similar design elements , Overseas media have also drawn a hypothetical map . Can see , The public ID.2 The front face and body shape are similar to ID.4 Very similar , And many details may follow ID.3 Design elements of , The whole is more exquisite . however , At present, the spy photos of the real car have not been exposed , The imaginary map drawn by foreign media is also for reference only .

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according to the understanding of , The public ID.2 A variety of battery capacity versions will be available , The minimum battery capacity is 30kWh, Can provide 193 Kilometers of endurance ( Working condition unknown ). Besides , Some media speculate that the starting price of the car may be 1.9 Thousands of euros ( About us 14.5 RMB 10,000 yuan ). Do you expect this new car to enter China ? You might as well discuss... In the comments area .( Source :motor1; writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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