Beijing traffic police took photos of newly added impolite pedestrians and uploaded reports

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beijing traffic police took photos

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Beijing traffic police readily added new content , When a new motor vehicle passes through a crosswalk or a road without traffic signals, it fails to give way to pedestrians according to regulations , It is illegal , Witnesses can take photos to collect evidence and upload reports .

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according to the understanding of , Failing to give way to pedestrians in accordance with regulations when passing a crosswalk or a road without traffic signals , Evidence collection materials shall meet the following requirements :

1、 Crosswalk or road sign that can clearly identify the location 、 Markings ;

2、 It can clearly identify when the motor vehicle is passing through the crosswalk or the road without traffic signal , The illegal process of not avoiding pedestrians , The displacement reflecting the driving state of the motor vehicle ;

3、 It's fixed 、 An eye-catching reference , Accurately reflect the significant geographical characteristics of the location of the motor vehicle .

before , The traffic control department has been to Beijing 217 At the intersection “ Electronic police ” upgrade , It can record the traffic violations of motor vehicles when pedestrians pass through the crosswalk without stopping to give way . It is also hoped that drivers and pedestrians can abide by traffic lights , And relevant laws and regulations .( writing / Car home graduation )

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