When will the 17th smart car competition start?

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17th th smart car competition


§01 Ten When will the seventh session begin ?

Zhuo Da Hao , I'm a junior soon . This year's basic four rounds , Barely save a missed national game , But I got a lot , Now, staying at home often pays attention to the recent situation of smart car competition . About 17 I have a few questions to ask Zhuo dada :

  1. If I sign up 17 First race group , Can you still sign up for the creative group in the same year .

  2. When will the first draft of next year's competition rules come out , Will the fourth round be sponsored by Infineon next year , Or has the sponsor decided , Hardware teammates can't wait to draw new boards .

1、 Next year's competition is still allowed to sign up for both speed competition and creative competition ; 2、 The final finalization of the first draft of next year's competition needs to wait until 10 month ; The processors used in each group will be adjusted and rotated . 3、 Now you can add some basic embedded 、 Signals and systems 、 Basic knowledge of automatic control .


§02 " Question everyone said

One 、 Targeting beacon group

Zhuo Da , Suggest 17 Produce an upright AI Vision , Shooting can turn the upright car in place , It should be highly ornamental . Add... In the upright car ai The task of vision .

high ; It's really high . That is, the target beacon group ? Is that right ?

Two 、 Multi car travel

Suddenly there was an idea , In the future, whether we can drive in formation with more vehicles ?

That's a great idea . At first we had to follow and overtake in two cars , This kind of multi car , A variety of interaction modes are very good .

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