At the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident: license plates, fragments, animal stumps scattered, and camels flocked into the mirror

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scene yu yuexian car accident

The goddess of ivory Hill ,“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Years old 50 year .

Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong have been married for more than 20 years , Because I'm busy with my career , Take care of the sick “ Strange disease ” My brother , Miss the best time to have children , but “ DINK ” Zhang Xuesong dotes on Yu Yuexian , Even willing to take care of my brother-in-law as a child .

This friendship moved many people , Zhang Xuesong is 8 An obituary was published late Sunday night :“ Her unfortunate death , It makes me feel very sad , The man is gone , Smile forever .”

Zhang Xuesong revealed in his article ,9 Early morning 3 when , Yu Yuexian and his party had a traffic accident in a minibus , Yu Yuexian died unfortunately , The other three are treating , There is no danger of life , Current epidemic situation , The family decided to simplify the funeral .

Yu Yuexian's brother 、 Sister in law and two younger sisters rushed to the scene at the first time , Their mother is now 76 year , People are afraid of the old man , I told my mother that Yu Yuexian went to other places to shoot .

8 month 10 The morning of , The media came to the scene to investigate , Brake marks can still be seen after a day , The license plate of the accident car and the debris left after the impact are still on the ground , At the end of the car brake trace , With the remains of a camel .

according to the understanding of , There are few vehicles passing through this section , The surrounding area is deserted , There is no guardrail on the road at the location of the incident , On the same day, groups of camels were seen walking from both sides of the road to the middle , According to the staff description , This is a pastoral area , There are sheep and camels everywhere , Camels also run on the road at night , Drivers stop when they see it , Wait until it passes .

Previously, local residents said , The scene of the accident was a camel stocking area , Familiar people slow down , Unfamiliar people think camels know how to avoid , But in fact, camels will be completely stunned when they see the lights , It's easy to hit directly .

Yu Yuexian is Zhao Benshan's wife's cousin , The couple are very sad about her death , Send someone to the scene to help the family .

Zhao Benshan's artist Xiao Shenyang 、 Song Xiaobao 、 Wang Xiaoli and her daughter Qiu sent a message to mourn her aunt .

Liaoning folk art troupe 9 An obituary was published late Sunday night , Said that all employees were in tears , I can't believe it's true .

《 Rural love 》 The screenwriter wrote a long article to remember Yu Yuexian , Yu Yuexian has a tight schedule in the near future ,8 After getting off the plane, I have to take 5 An hour's drive to the recording site , If there is enough time , She can choose an earlier plane , Can let the driver take her to , Maybe tragedy won't happen .

Yu Yuexian is 《 Rural love 》 For more than ten years , There are warm-hearted people in and out of the play , Everyone regarded her as the eldest sister next door , I know Yu Yuexian has no shelf , And grounding gas .

Although Zhao Benshan is Yu Yuexian's brother-in-law , But the reason for their cooperation is not kinship , When Zhao Benshan finished watching Yu Yuexian play crazy woman , I was amazed by her acting , Just decided to invite Yu Yuexian to play 《 Rural love 》.

Yu Yuexian was born in Chinese opera , It's also 《 Rural love 》 The only professional actor , In her early years, she took the route of ancient beauty , But in order to shoot well 《 Rural love 》, Change the old dust dress , Become hot and sour but kind “ Thank you ”.

It is said that Yu Yuexian is one of the few artists in the entertainment circle who doesn't bring goods , In recent years, she has focused on promoting the cultural specialties of her hometown , In order to get to Alashan for filming , It's sad .

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