Li Xiaolu has no drama to shoot. She takes the garage as a show and walks on the stage. She is very stylish in black

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li xiaolu drama shoot. shoot

Cool girls always attract attention , Walking on the road, I can't help turning my head and looking at it , The cool, handsome and stylish style is particularly personalized , This type of dress alone is enough to reflect the cool posture and charming charm , Cool and handsome style is often matched with black , Highlight the handsome and still beautiful !

Since Li Xiaolu was out of the public's sight , It's a little “ Flying self ” 了 , She was originally a very pure girl in everyone's impression , Instantly become the queen of hip hop , A black suit can also wear a high sense of fashion , Daily wear is also very worthy of reference .

Li Xiaolu's cool and handsome style, analysis of wearing details, and interpretation of sexy mystery in black

After Li Xiaolu changed her style, she became more and more cool , Finding the right style can effectively improve the charm value , The black color selection of the whole body sets off an excellent sense of mystery , At the same time, it also has a significant effect on slimming and slimming , Although Li Xiaolu has no drama to shoot, she is still confident to show her own advantages , Use the garage as a show and take a step , Showing her belly button, hot girl style is full , It's very stylish in black . The eye absorption index in the exposed navel is full

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