Yu Yuexian died in a car accident in Xinjiang. A close group photo with her husband was exposed the day before, which made people cry

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yu yuexian died car accident


For an actor , To what extent , Can be called an excellent actor ? The answer is obvious : Be able to perform fictional characters in a realistic way 、 A kind actor , Is a good actor . As a famous TV actor , Yu Yuexian relies on 《 Country love story 》 The role of Xie Dajiao in is popular all over the country , Since then, this role has become the most prominent label on her . However, such an excellent actor , But failed to escape natural and man-made disasters , Can no longer bring laughter to people .


Presumably netizens opened their eyes in the morning , The first news I saw was the sad news about the death of actor Yu Yuexian . The bad news was like a bolt from the blue , It surprised everyone who was sleepy : Because just a few days ago , Yu Yuexian also interacts with her husband on social platforms , ritche , Today, it appears again in front of the masses in this way , It's hard to accept this cruel reality . According to the relevant media , Yu Yuexian and his party went to 9 Driving on a highway somewhere in Alxa in the early morning of the 20th , For some reason , The vehicle collided with two camels along the way , The driver and others were injured , Yu Yuexian lost vital signs due to ineffective rescue .


Looking back on Yu Yuexian's life , Her life before she became famous was full of hardships .1971 year , Yu Yuexian was born in an ordinary family in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia , She also has a brother named Yu Yingjie . For special reasons , My brother suffered from severe scoliosis , The high cost of treatment makes the life of a family miserable . To ease the financial situation at home , Yu Yuexian worked around very early , Finally became an ordinary teacher .

Although life is full of pressure 、 suffering , But it did not bring down the positive and optimistic Yu Yuexian . In the usual , Yu Yuexian, who is good at singing and dancing, will perform 、 Relieve your stress by singing and so on , Even her parents were infected by her spirit , Agree to her request to enter an art school . Thanks to the unremitting efforts of Yuexian , She was successfully admitted to the Central Academy of drama , Realize your dream of acting . After graduation, , Yu Yuexian got her wish and got the job of an actor , And she also met the right one —— Zhang Xuesong .

Encouraged by her husband , Yu Yuexian decided to experience everywhere , Get more opportunities to perform for yourself , Even if it's just a small supporting role . At the beginning of Yuexian's acting career , She has acted in 《 Water margin 》 And other popular film and television dramas . until 2006 year ,《 Country love story 》 Threw an olive branch at her , I hope she can play the play called “ Thank you ” Rural women . Someone else , You might think this character is too old-fashioned , But Yu Yuexian accepted the role , Even the “ Thank you ” The image of is incisively and vividly interpreted .


Before you know it ,《 Country love story 》 Thirteen films have been shot , Yu Yuexian's career is also booming , The family finally got through those hard years . Because of old age ,50 Yu Yuexian, 20, can't bear the heavy workload of shooting , Husband Zhang Xuesong quit his job , Take on “ A full-time husband ” The job of , Take good care of his wife's daily life . In my spare time , Zhang Xuesong will take Yu Yuexian to travel around , Relieve pressure at work , Occasionally, close group photos of the couple will be exposed , Attracted the envy of netizens .

However, what the couple can't think of anyway is , Disaster will happen to me one day . The day before the accident , They also took close group photos on the social platform , Next second, my wife and I are separated by Yin and Yang . For Zhang Xuesong ,8 month 9 Day will be the most unforgettable day of his life , On this day, he lost his beloved wife , It caused indelible trauma to his heart .


I hope Yu Yuexian's family will be sad , Calmly wait for the relevant departments to investigate the accident . We believe that the government will give you a reasonable answer , Thoroughly investigate the cause and effect of the accident , Return a truth to Yu Yuexian's family .

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