Another actress has a car accident! Chen XianMei rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night in the rain. She was out of control and burst into tears

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actress car accident chen xianmei

8 month 10 Japan , According to the Taiwan media , Following “ Thank you ” After Yu Yuexian's car accident , Another actress had a car accident , She is Qiongyao actress Chen XianMei , At the same time, her husband also fell ill and was hospitalized , Make her too stressed, break down and cry .

Chen XianMei wrote through her personal social account that , I've had a bad time these days , First I had a car accident , Then my husband suffered from acute gallbladder and needed surgery .

In desperation , She can only leave the child at her mother's house , In the middle of the night, he braved the heavy rain and went straight to the emergency room for treatment . Back to the empty home , Finally, I couldn't help bursting into tears .

� XianMei said , She's crying �r Hou , While thinking , Cry what , What are you doing , It's just a minor operation , Wait, sleep 2 How about going out to work for an hour , Do the same thing well , That's it .

She finally mentioned , My husband will be discharged soon , I hope it's safe next , Don't forget to wish everyone peace and health .

Friends in the circle saw Chen XianMei's post , Leave messages to comfort her . Li Liangjin wrote , I've worked hard , come on. , Safety . Fang Xin wrote , dear , Take a deep breath and relax , it will be OK , Deo gratias .

Speak really , So many things happen at home all at once , Most people can't stand , Besides, Chen XianMei is just a weak woman , It's normal for her to get out of control .

fortunately , She has a strong personality , After a round of crying , Clean up your mood soon .

Mention Chen XianMei's name , Young netizens may not be familiar with . , 46 Year-old she , As early as 90 He made his debut in the s , In those years, he participated in many classic film and television dramas .

Chen Derong, Liu Dekai 《 A curtain of dreams 》 in , She plays supporting actress Dai Xiaoyan . you 're right , It was the willful act , A girl who always makes trouble .

When many people watched the play , I should hate this role very much , This also proves that Chen XianMei played well .

Except for the problem girl , Chen XianMei has also played many different types of roles . among , What impresses the mainland audience most , It must be 《 Worldly Road 》 Liao Jingyu, female No. 1 .

The character of this character is completely different from Dai Xiaoyan , Is a very gentle and kind mature woman , The human design is quite pleasant .

After the play was broadcast , Chen XianMei's popularity soared , Established her position as a first-line actress at eight o'clock .

after , She also came to the mainland to develop , And cooperated with He Zhonghua in a bitter drama 《 Dumb girls are deeply in love 》. unfortunately , The influence of this play is far less than Yue Ling's 《 Dumb bride 》.

As we get older , Chen XianMei once faded out of the entertainment circle , Marry and have a baby . however , She never let go of her identity as an actor , When children grow up , She's back .

Although I haven't acted for many years , But in the new play , Her performance was brilliant , Won a lot of praise from the audience .

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