Preview of BAIC new SUV equipped with Huawei Hongmeng system

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preview baic new suv equipped

[ Car home   information ]  Who says fuel cars can't be smarter ? recently , BAIC motor released a new SUV Preview of , The text in the figure shows , This car will be equipped with Huawei Harmony OS Fuel models of the system , The main publicity point is also “ All things connected , Wisdom enlightens new life ”.

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Harmony OS The system is Huawei Hongmeng system , It is a new distributed operating system for the whole scene , Create a world of super virtual terminals connected , Put people 、 equipment 、 The scenes are organically connected , It can realize the rapid discovery of a variety of intelligent terminals contacted by consumers in the whole scene of life 、 Fast connection 、 Hardware mutual aid 、 Resource sharing , Provide a scene experience with the right device .

before , Some innovative Zhilian systems are often the first to be launched on electric vehicles , This time, BAIC took the lead in applying it to fuel models , It also indicates that Beijing automobile is on the fuel model , There will be a new innovative layout . From the preview of the new car , It also shows us the distinctive sense of technological design of this car , It's more like the front face design of an electric car .

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show , BAIC motor has released plans for new products in the future , Soon to launch BEIJING X5 and BEIJING X7 PLUS, The former is positioned compact SUV, Have L2+ Level 1 driving assistance , The latter is positioned as medium and large-scale enterprises SUV, It also has a number of intelligent driving assistance systems and technology configurations . As for the model of the preview, which model is it , The answer remains to be revealed .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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