The famous actor died in a strange car accident

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famous actor died strange car

TV play 《 Rural love 》 in

“ Thank you ” Actor

Ms. Yu Yuexian

On 8 month 9 Japan

In Alashan, Inner Mongolia

Died in a car accident

8 month 9 Japan

Police in ayou banner, Inner Mongolia

Issue a police report

According to Guangming Daily , The reporter confirmed from the information center of Alashan League Public Security Bureau in Inner Mongolia :2021 year 8 month 9 No. In the morning 3 when 30 about , Meng... Driven by Guo moulong AL312S small SUV vehicle , Drive from Jinchang to Ayouqi to S228 Line 443 km 500 m , Collided with two passing camels , As a result, the passenger of the vehicle died in Yuexian , The driver and other passengers were injured , Vehicle damage 、 A traffic accident in which two camels died .

Tianjin People's Art Theatre

An obituary was published that day

Mourn Yu Yuexian

Obituaries Sue

Yu Yuexian, a famous actor of Tianjin People's Art Theatre 2021 year 8 month 9 When I was out filming in Inner Mongolia on the th , Due to excessive speed , An accident happened , Unfortunately, it caused serious bodily injury , Declare death .

Yu Yuexian once appeared in a drama in Tianjin People's Art Theatre 《 From the new world 》《 Cheer for you 》、 Drama, sitcom 《 Very heroic 》、 TV play 《 There is love in troubled times 》《 government official 》 Wait for the characters in the play .

She has also participated in many well-known film and television dramas , for example 《 Water margin 》《 Rural love 》《 Green mountains, green waters and red days 》《 A man will marry at forty 》《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 etc. .

People are most familiar with her role , is 《 Rural love 》15 In a series of TV dramas “ Thank you ”. Yu Yuexian plays “ Thank you ” Hot personality 、 Be forthright 、 Has a kind heart , It is loved by many audiences .

Her death is a great loss to Tianjin People's art and even the national literary and art circles , People's art colleagues express their deep condolences !

Alas , There is nothing more to offer , Heaven and earth are sad !

Tianjin People's Art Theatre

2021 year 8 month 9 Japan

8 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday , TV play 《 Rural love 》 The official microblog avatar turns gray , Concurrent microblog channel :“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan …… Our beloved teacher Yu Yuexian , Dear aunt Bigfoot , Country love is the closest family , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good ……

《 Rural love 》 Wang Xiaoli, the actor of Chinese Liu Neng, wrote :“ I really can't accept such a departure , Dear aunt , Dear Bigfoot , All the way walk good .”

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