Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Her husband was very sad and helped each other for more than 20 years because of love and responsibility

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yu yuexian died car accident.

Yu Yuexian is an excellent actor , And Chinese opera classmate Zhang Xuesong , Not just classmates , Or male and female monitor , So after the military training , They fell in love . Yu Yuexian is 1992 Chinese opera in , So they should be together 29 Years. . After graduation, they are still colleagues , The relationship is simple , It's complicated to say .

It doesn't really matter , Because they've been together , Later, Zhang Xuesong became a director , The couple also worked together many times . There are few long-term lovers in the entertainment industry , Maybe they have a tradition , May know each other better , So we've been together .

Learned the news of his wife's death in a car accident , Zhang Xuesong must be heartbroken , For nearly thirty years , People suddenly disappeared , This is an emotion that everyone can't give up , It must tear the heart and crack the lung .

Yu Yuexian and three staff went back to their hometown to make a film , At around 3 a.m. in Alashan, the passenger car hit two camels , Yu Yuexian's rescue failed and unfortunately died , Other injured workers are still treating , But no life-threatening . Yu Yuexian was busy with film and television , Leave many excellent works of public praise , Work diligently 、 Public spirited 、 Has a kind heart , Her death made Zhang Xuesong very sad , The man is gone , Smile forever . Because the epidemic is now , Simple funeral rites .

Yu Yuexian died 50 year , No children around , She broke the news on the show , Why didn't you have a baby , It's not that she doesn't want to , But her husband Zhang Xuesong supports her to focus on her career , Of course, there are several reasons .

Yu Yuexian is the eldest of the family , And two sisters and a brother , Like the eldest son in the family, she and her husband shoulder the heavy responsibility of the whole family . When I was young, I wanted to work more , The purpose is to reduce the life pressure of parents , Then my parents got better , Thinking about helping my brothers and sisters , So when you want to have a baby , I'm very old , In fact, Yu Yuexian wanted to have a child , But Zhang Xuesong said forget it , Because having children will affect her career development .

Yu Yuexian not only plays well , He is also a good hand at housework at home , Because the family is not very rich , I'm the boss again , I don't do less housework at home . She revealed on the show , My husband often invites people home for dinner , Make yourself very passive , Because of temporary notice , A lot of ingredients are not ready , So we can only find a way to solve the problem .

Why can Zhang Xuesong have such a long relationship with Yu Yuexian , Because although Zhang Xuesong is his son-in-law , But more like the eldest son of the family . Yu Yuexian's parents finally gave birth to a brother , Very expensive , My brother has a spinal disease , Yu Yuexian borrowed 30000 yuan from her friend to help her brother cure his illness . Zhang Xuesong and Yu Yuexian said not to have children , Just raise my brother-in-law as a son , So my brother got married , Basically don't worry about anything , It's all done by my eldest sister , Live in Chifeng in advance , Choose a good host , Arrange the dishes and drinks , He also prepared a float for his brother , It's done very well , My brother is married , Gave birth to two daughters .

Zhang Xuesong did this , Mainly from the love of Yu Yuexian , This is the legendary love house and Wu , Yu Yuexian is also very kind to her mother-in-law , I've been guilty of not having children for them . Mother-in-law is anxious to bring her grandson to their house , Yu Yuexian specially asks for leave to serve her mother-in-law , Careless cooking is a heavy sample , My mother-in-law will remind her , So she specially prepared a notebook , Write down what to cook , At the same time, you should also take care of your father-in-law's bad teeth , You can't eat sour and spicy . There has been no nanny at home , Yu Yuexian does housework alone .

Yu Yuexian was once the father's “ Punching bag ”, Often beaten , But she and her husband are really good to her father , To treat my father's asthma , It took 12 I bought a house for my father in Sanya for days , Where to let him live , Because the air environment is good , Help to improve asthma disease . Later, my father's condition worsened , Find a way to send him back to Chifeng , He was given a beautiful funeral .

Yu Yuexian always sympathizes with her mother , Because my father prefers sons to daughters , Mother gave birth to three daughters before she gave birth to a son , So no less angry . Yu Yuexian will accompany her mother to travel , In her spare time, my mother learns painting , Because I like painting peacocks , So Yu Yuexian accompanied her mother to Yunnan , See a lot of peacocks .

Yu Yuexian is a person who changes the current situation of her family by herself , Because only she can make a lot of money at home , So improve parents' lives , At the same time, I also help my brother and sister , And I didn't have a baby in the end . It was also fate that Yu Yuexian met Zhang Xuesong , They have been together for nearly thirty years , Unexpected misfortune , So the saddest person in the family , The first must be a husband , Followed by my brother , Again, both parents . In fact, I don't want her to leave , Who thought it would be so sudden , A conscientious actor , I didn't expect to say goodbye to you like this ?

Zhang Xuesong's feelings for Yu Yuexian are really good , Zhao Benshan chose to play Xie Dajiao , In order to look really like a rural woman , Yu Yuexian went to the local area to experience life , Do all kinds of farm work , And lose weight 16 Jin , But it looks haggard , State is not good , Later, Zhang Xuesong knew about it , Also live nearby , Help your wife recuperate , Finally successfully shaped Xie Dajiao . In fact, there have been contradictions between the two , Yu Yuexian was rumored to have an affair with Liu Liu during filming , Zhang Xuesong knew it was urgent , Run to the shooting scene and ask what happened , Finally, he was convinced by Zhao Benshan , The two make up as before , Zhao Benshan reminds Zhang Xuesong that his wife who has been with him for many years should know very well , It's all about filming and discussing the script in private .

All the money Yu Yuexian earns is managed by her husband , I'm not the head of the family , But they always have a good relationship , Enviable , Like today , I hope Zhang Xuesong gets out of the shadow of pain .

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