It is said that apple is negotiating with its South Korean partners on building cars

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said apple negotiating south korean

News of geyser automobile According to foreign media reports , In recent weeks , Rumors about Apple building cars have decreased , Recently, only the company has expanded the California autopilot test team . however , According to south Korean media , Negotiations between apple and its South Korean partners on building cars are making progress .

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According to a person familiar with the matter , Apple has contacted several Korean electric vehicle parts manufacturers . Reports said , A senior industry executive directly involved in the incident revealed that , Apple executives have been in Korea , Negotiate with the company's Korean partners in the field of semiconductors and displays . Similar to the smartphone business , Apple also hopes to find partners for its electric vehicle business in Korea .

The person familiar with the matter said :“ If there is no cooperation with Korean manufacturers , Apple will not be able to complete its car building plan . as far as I am concerned , Apple has been with LG、SK Negotiated with Han Hua , But the negotiations are still at an early stage .”

In the past few months , It is reported that Apple has discussed the possibility of cooperation with several automobile manufacturers . These enterprises include modern kia nissan BMW and Canoo. It was once thought that , Apple will definitely cooperate with Hyundai Kia , But the two sides finally failed to reach an agreement .

at present , The outside world is not clear about Apple's specific intention , That is, the company is going to produce cars for retail , Or launch a taxi service , Or just developing technology for other vehicles . When will Apple release new automotive products , It's not clear now , It is only reported that the company will be in 2030 The product was released before .

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