Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. His neighbors mourned and restored his true appearance in life, denying that his family valued boys over girls

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” The death of actor Yu Yuexian in a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia has affected the hearts of countless netizens .

According to the police , Yu Yuexian's car in Alxa hit two camels , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , Although the driver and other passengers were injured , But life is not in danger .

Yu Yuexian is a powerful actor with both appearance and acting skills , She is not arrogant because of her outstanding beauty , Her dedication is moving .

For many years , Yu Yuexian created many classic characters , It plays an important role in the hearts of the audience . However , I didn't expect Yu Yuexian to leave us in such a sudden way , Her life came to a sudden end . Netizen heartache 、 regret 、 Sigh with emotion .

Before the accident , Yu Yuexian looks quiet and good . When she was not filming, she picked mushrooms in the beautiful fields , Such a good life without strife seems to be in “ arcadia ”.

Who would have thought , The accident came quietly , Netizens even couldn't believe that Yu Yuexian had died .

In your opinion , Yu Yuexian was sad and bumpy in her life , Never seen at home , For my brother, I decided to be “ Dinks ”, The acting road is not as smooth as netizens think .

Now it's not easy to have a hard time , But he died in a car accident , No one can accept such a rough life setting .

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong issued an obituary , Netizens were more sad when they saw it , I also feel a trace of comfort :“ The man is gone , Smile forever ”.

8 month 10 Japan , Netizens found that Yu Yuexian's neighbor editor Chang Wen recalled Yu Yuexian , Exposed her unknown warm side , This makes Yu Yuexian's image fuller .

Neighbor revealed , Yu Yuexian has a good relationship with her neighbors , Whenever there is her performance on TV , Everyone will sit in front of the TV and cheer for her .

The neighbor also broke the so-called brainwashing bag that Yu Yuexian's family was too patriarchal , Yu Yuexian has always been the pride of the family :“ Look, some marketing numbers say that her family values boys over girls , In fact, where is so serious , The family hopes to have a brother , But Yu Yuexian has always been their pride .”

Although Yu Yuexian has long been a well-known actor , But she did not “ Play big ”, No actor baggage , I still make friends with my neighbors as before , This mentality is rare .

Neighbor revealed , When Yu Yuexian saw that the child wanted to play with a small car that needed money to buy money , Will not say a word, pay money and put money in . The neighbor recalled the past , I can't help feeling :“ Now when I grow up, I think it's a small thing , But she's really a gentle person .”

Neighbor said , Yu Yuexian sends some special products to her neighbors and elders on New Year's holidays , Sometimes I will share my calligraphy works that I have practiced hard for a long time with my elders , I hope the other party can give me some advice .

The elders couldn't help praising Yu Yuexian for being progressive , The neighbor quoted in the tone of his elders :“ Xianxian is busy every day , Can also have this heart to practice calligraphy , And it's getting more and more decent , Every time there's progress , It's very rare .”

Get along with Yu Yuexian for many years , The neighbors summed her up “ Strong and filial ”、“ Love and righteousness ”、“ Modest and studious ”, It can be seen that Yu Yuexian is really pleasant .

Besides , Actors who once worked with Yu Yuexian also sent a document to mourn Yu Yuexian , Praise him for not putting on airs , Revealed that even if her lunch box was eaten by others , I don't get angry , Silently make do with bread and water .

Although it's all small things , But enough to see Yu Yuexian's noble and elegant character , I hope Yu Yuexian can go well all the way .

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