Watch out“ The cause of "Xie Dajiao" accident has been exposed. Every driver should have a look!

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watch cause xie dajiao accident

8 month 9 Japan , The bad news came , Famous actor Yu Yuexian (《 Rural love 》 Medium and high popularity “ Thank you ” Actor ) In a rural section of Alxa Right Banner, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately, he died in a car accident . News came. , The whole network was shocked , An excellent actor we like left us in a car accident , Everyone mourned her while , I also deeply regret and grieve for her unfortunate death !

However ,“ Thank you ” In the morning 3 spot 27 Minute time , What happened , As for this misfortune ? To this day ,“ Thank you ” The cause of the accident finally came to light . But before I list the causes of the accident , My first thought is that every driver should come and see the cause of the accident that night , In order to learn from it !

Now let's talk about the causes of the car accident .

First , The speed was too high . According to the 《 Yangtze Evening News 》 The reporter learned that , Witnesses at the time saw , Killed camel , Visceral disintegration , All over the ground , There are viscera and blood everywhere . If the speed is not too high , It won't cause such a tragic scene ! And according to 《 Yangtze Evening News 》 Reporter confirmed , The reason why Yu Yuexian was in the early morning 3 I'm still on my way , I don't want to delay the recording of the program the next day . In order to catch up , As you can imagine , How fast did Guo moulong, the driver at that time, drive the car !

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