Questions before the online finals of the 16th smart car competition in 2021

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questions online finals 16th th

Jane Medium : This paper collects the questions raised by the students participating in the online competition .

key word The smart car race , Online finals


§01 Than Game process

One 、 Cycling race

Zhuo dada , Is there any requirement on the track for slow cycling ?

1. If you lay a circle , Yes, just go around the outside of the track and return to the starting point ?

2. Can you take off the line, turn a small circle outside the track, and then return to the track to continue tracking . A path like this Are you allowed to ?

▲ chart 1.1 Single track design

▲ chart 1.1 Single track design

reply : according to Track design of the 16th smart car competition finals online race Requirements for single vehicle operation , The track of a single car should be “ Simple closed curve ”, Therefore, the bicycle is not allowed to turn in the process .

Zhuo dada Such a path Black is the track Red is the path ?
▲ chart 1.2 Single vehicle running track

▲ chart 1.2 Single vehicle running track

reply : That's ok .

Two 、 Car model out of bounds and leap

greatly , There are several problems :

  1. Pictured A Shown 1,2 Whether it is allowed to go out of bounds ? According to the rules, it should be allowed ?
  2. chart B Whether the cross dotted line box must be a straight road
  3. chart C The obtuse angle of PVC Whether the track can ?
  4. chart D Because there is no distance limit on the ramp, can I directly leap two
  5. Track width requirements 45cm But there are some errors in laying , In some places, there may be too much or less than half a centimeter , Or whether a few millimeters is allowed ?

▲ chart 1.3 Operation of vehicle model

▲ chart 1.3 Operation of vehicle model

▲ chart 1.4 The car model leaps over the ramp

▲ chart 1.4 The car model leaps over the ramp

reply :

  1. In the picture 1 Out of bounds is allowed at ; 2 It is not allowed to , If out of bounds, this element no longer integrates ;
  2. The intersection must be vertical ;
  3. PVC Obtuse angle is OK ;
  4. So thoughtful . I agree to allow this leap over the ramp ;
  5. 45CM Only narrow tracks are allowed , Width is not allowed .


§02 " Road design

Previously, in the robustness principle, it was required that the front straight of the cross should not be less than 50cm, But the cross ring has its own design as usual 27.5 Just go straight , He is not the result of a new arms race , So did Mr. Zhuo miss this situation , Or this track type should be allowed ?
▲ chart 2.1 Cross Lubao

▲ chart 2.1 Cross Lubao

reply : This situation is permissible .

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