When Yu Yuexian died, Mr. and Mrs. Zhao Benshan were extremely sad, and the scene of the accident was exposed

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yu yuexian died mr. mrs.

Grieved , Famous actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Accidents happen , Every man has his day , Never know which one comes first... Accident or tomorrow .

Yu Yuexian is 《 Rural love 》 The actor of Richie Bigfoot , How much time did Xie Dajiao spend with us , Yu Yuexian in my memory , Sweet Ladies 、 Generous and confident 、 Gentle and elegant 、 Lively and cheerful .

Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong sent an obituary , His sadness can be felt between the lines .

“ The man is gone , Smile forever ”, Simple words , Full of the most sincere feelings .

Yu Yuexian focused on film and television before she died , Hard work 、 Improve acting skills , I've been in a TV series 《 Water margin 》、《 The altar of life 》、《 Green mountains, green waters and red days 》 etc. .

《 Rural love 》 It has brought us many happy memories , Xie Dajiao is like a big sister in the play , Take care of the feelings of the people in the village , unfortunately , One person is missing .

《 Rural love 》 Guan Wei changed his avatar , Miss Miss Yu Yuexian , Thank her for her many years of company .

Friends mourn Yu Yuexian , Little Shenyang :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way .”

Wang Xiaoli :“ I really can't accept such a departure , Dear aunt , Dear Bigfoot , All the way walk good .”

Song Xiaobao :“ mother's youngest sister-aunt , All the way walk good .”

They affectionately call Yu Yuexian “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ”, She has been regarded as the closest person .

Liaoning Democratic Progressive Art Troupe issued an obituary , I mentioned that after Zhao Benshan and his wife Mary learned about it , Grief is incomparable , Send someone to the scene at the first time to help deal with the aftermath , All the cast members of the company were in tears .

Zhao Benshan's daughter also sent a document to mourn , It looks very moving .

“ You are the big foot aunt of many people , But I just call you aunt , I'll miss you , Everyone will miss you .”

Liaoning folk art troupe has always had a good relationship , As an actor , It has brought many works to the audience , Study hard in the performing arts industry .

The sudden death of a good friend , Bring sadness and pain to the people around you , Now one person is missing from the group photo .

The media visited the accident site , It can be seen that camels flock on both sides of the road , Cross the road , According to the staff , Camels also run on the road at night , Yu Yuexian had a car accident after 3 a.m .

Every other day , The scene is still clearly visible 、 Long brake marks , The road surface is different from the road next to it .

The ground is also littered with completed license plates and debris left after being hit , You can imagine how dangerous it was .

I'm sorry , May there be no pain in heaven !

Welcome to your attention !

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