Zhao Liying meets Feng Shaofeng quietly? His luxury car appeared in the man's residence, and the two divorced for only four months

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zhao liying meets feng shaofeng

8 month 10 Japan , The media broke the news that Zhao Liying's luxury car appeared in Feng Shaofeng's residence , Arousing hot discussion among netizens .

It is reported that , Zhao Liying is wearing a white dress recently , Wearing a long black hair, I found myself in a studio in Shanghai , Standing in a green leaf, he is particularly focused on shooting advertisements , The whole person looks immortal , Looks very temperament .

Zhao Liying here is busy shooting advertisements , Over there, the media found Feng Shaofeng at the door of an apartment in Xuhui District, Shanghai . Dressed in a black T His T-shirt with blue jeans , Dress very low-key .

After Feng Shaofeng got off the special bus , While holding up the mobile phone to check the message , Strode into the apartment , There seems to be something urgent waiting for him to deal with .

Not for a moment , Zhao Liying's driver unexpectedly appeared at the door of Feng Shaofeng's apartment , And walked past Feng Shaofeng's vehicle .

And then , The media are still in the garage of the apartment , Found Zhao Liying's luxury car .

The sale price of this luxury car is as high as 145.88 Ten thousand yuan , stay 2021 year 2 I was also photographed by the media in the middle of the month , At that time, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng had not divorced , They returned from their holiday in Sanya with joy , Take this luxury car home together .

Just six months later , See this luxury car again , Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng have separated 4 Months , People can't help feeling very much .

Previously, when Zhao Liying participated in the variety show , Mentioned 2 My 20-year-old son still lives in Shanghai , The media also disclosed that after Zhao Liying's divorce , Their children are taken care of by Feng Shaofeng's mother .

Although Zhao Liying was not photographed by the media this time , But her driver and luxury car showed up at Feng Shaofeng's residence , It is inevitable that people suspect that she misses her son in order to avoid suspicion , Hide quietly and go to see feng Shaofeng and his son .

2021 year 6 When Zhao Liying returned to Shanghai at the beginning of this month , Had deliberately not arranged work , Free up a week , At that time, some people suspected that she adjusted her itinerary so as to accompany her son .

Soon after her debut, Zhao Liying worked very hard and seriously , Rated as the of the entertainment industry “ Desperate Sanniang ”, But since 2019 After giving birth to a son in , She hasn't worked for more than a year , Instead, take care of your son at home .

After the divorce , Zhao Liying regained her independent female image , Focus on your work , While enjoying life , But such behavior also made her suffer some criticism .

Previously, the media photographed Zhao Liying having a party with her friends late at night , The group kept talking until the early morning 5 Some more , Just happily walked out of the bar .

After the picture is exposed , Many netizens accused Zhao Liying of damaging her image as a mother , Even said that in that case “ Why have children ”.

But the logic of netizens is too strange , Zhao Liying has a party with her friends , Enjoy life happily , There is no necessary connection with whether she should have children or not , Nor can she deny her love and dedication to her son .

Although I don't know how Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng allocate their time to take care of their son , But I believe they are working hard , While living well , I will make the best arrangements for my son . I wish the children can grow up healthily and happily , Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng can also get their own happiness .

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