Using the fuel version design, Lingke 09 PHEV declaration drawing exposure

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using fuel version design lingke

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got a set of Led the g 09( Parameters | inquiry ) PHEV Declaration chart of the model , The whole new car will follow the design of the fuel version , Of course , As a plug-in hybrid model , The change in the power level of the new car is its core focus .

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As the flagship of the brand SUV models , The new car has a very strong aura , Front part , The new car is equipped with a very eye-catching Zhongwang shape , The straight waterfall design can make it significantly different from other models of the brand . meanwhile , The front grille is connected to the lower half of the split headlamp set , It can give the vehicle more rich fashion attributes .

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The rear part , The new car adopts a bilateral four out exhaust layout , meanwhile , A sci-fi taillight set will appear on the new car , It is expected that after lighting, it will have a very outstanding overall visual feeling .

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Besides , From the declaration chart, we can also see , The new car will provide a wide range of options , such as , You can choose a more complex rim , meanwhile ,“ Multicolor door shark fin ” It can also make the vehicle have a stronger personalized style .

motivation , The new car will be equipped with a set based on 2.0T Plug in hybrid system built by engine , The driveline will match 8AT transmission . at present , We still don't know the specific parameters of this plug-in hybrid system . Besides , With the support of the motor , The new car will be able to realize four-wheel drive .( writing / Car home Andy du )

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