The appearance is more exaggerated, and the application drawing of Geely Dihao L is exposed

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appearance exaggerated application drawing geely

[ Car home Domestic spy photos ]  Auto home found Geely Dihao from the catalogue declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology L The figure of , Compared with the new generation of imperial released before , The appearance of the new car is even more exaggerated .

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 Car home

 Car home

aesthetic , The new car uses a large and exaggerated mesh air inlet grille , The slim headlight looks bright , The black decoration of the front bumper also adds a lot of wild flavor to it . The waist line on the side is very deep , The design through the door handle also makes the body look more slender . The tail of the new car is simple , Through tail lamps are used , With the central “GEELY” word , Look younger , Simultaneous tail mark “ emgrand L” It also shows its identity .

 Car home

configuration , The new car is provided with a sunroof 、 Tail 、 Front bumper trim 、 Wheel rim, etc ; motivation , The new car may use a stronger powertrain . But for reference , Cash imperial carries 1.5L The engine , Maximum engine power 80kW, Maximum torque 142N・m, And what matches that is 5 Quick manual and CVT Stepless gearbox . Other news about the new car , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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