The traffic police revealed that Yu Yuexian was sitting in the back seat of the co pilot, the roof of the vehicle was lifted, and all four were wearing seat belts

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traffic police revealed yu yuexian

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , And then the car 4 personal , She was the only one killed , It's also very sad . After the news of Yu Yuexian's death came to light , Many people in the circle mourned , Especially the friends in Zhao Benshan's circle , They all expressed their shock and reluctance .

《 Rural love 》 Official blog posts :““ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan , Our beloved teacher Yu Yuexian , Dear aunt Bigfoot , Country love is the closest family , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good ”.

As Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law, Yu Yuexian , Her death also made Zhao Benshan and his wife very sad , According to Liaoning folk art troupe 9 An obituary was published late Sunday night , Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan learned about Yu Yuexian's death , Grief is incomparable , Send someone to the scene to deal with the aftermath at the first time .

Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong issued an obituary through the media , At present, the funeral ceremony should be simplified . Yu Yuexian died before 50 year , It's so sad . At present, Yu Yuexian's death smile is still hidden from her 80 A multi-year-old mother , And Zhang Xuesong is still dealing with the aftermath , He also announced , Will take good care of Yu Yuexian's mother , Be filial to her .

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