Xuanxuan, a former TVB Huadan, basks in the recent situation. He is hurt by cycling, which makes Netizens feel distressed. He wears a duck tongue hat and takes the subway so low-key

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In recent days, , Well known actor Xuan Xuan posted a document on the social platform saying that she accidentally hurt her finger while cycling , And then she didn't care to say that fans don't care , It's all small things .

In the picture, she is wearing a mask and hat , Very low key , From the background, she's on the subway , The angle of the overhead shot is also unique , It should be the type that pays great attention to daily non exposure .

Regarding this , Netizens also rushed to the comment area to comfort her , Tell her to be careful , Take care of yourself .

Xuan Xuan also likes to share her daily life of raising cats and dogs on social platforms , At least seven cats and dogs appear in the picture , The animals of a large family slept soundly , It can be seen that Xuan Xuan is also a loving person who likes animals .

Xuan Xuan is one of the earlier TVB 's actress , Acting skills are also highly praised . She has played the heroine of many popular dramas , Also thanks to 《 Detective files 》 Of “ quin ” A character takes the position behind the camera in one fell swoop . At the time of the TVB It's a first-class head of the family .

It's not just a good career , Her education is beyond the reach of ordinary people .13 She went to England to study at the age of , Graduated from Imperial College , With such an excellent background and Education , It's not surprising that you can do well in your acting career .

Xuan Xuan has acted as the heroine of many popular dramas , Most of them are high ratings . Also because the partner's hero often gets the best actor , for example 《 Find the qin ji 》 The ancient music of Li ,《 A Wang's new biography 》 Guo Jin'an in , The male owners of partners are very popular , It was once called “ Wang Fu NV ”.

The couple file played by her and Gu Lotte has attracted much attention and love today , When she posted a group photo with Gu Tianle's magazine on the social platform .

The netizens in the message area were also excited , Have said “ Except for the two of you getting married , I'm not interested in anything else .”

But after all these years , She also has a lot of assets . It is reported that , She has a luxury house with a market value of half a billion , Still making movies from time to time , I didn't let myself idle .

Xuan Xuan, now 50 , The business has gradually entered a period of steady development , Worked with Zhang Weijian 《 Brother dragon, brother rat 》 And fall in love , Sorry to break up after , But there's no good news yet .

For more than 20 years , Gossip is rare , Once fell in love with an outsider for two years and broke up , In an interview, she said that values must be the same , The difference of two people's values will cause more problems , Cohabitation will also produce greater friction .

In today's entertainment industry, female artists are updating faster and faster , Xuan Xuan is still active on the screen , It also left many classic characters and works , It's really admirable , I wish I could hear the good news from Xuan Xuan earlier .

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