Reba Yang Yang restores the famous scene of glory, screenwriter Gu man ascends the hot search, and the comment area "overturns"

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reba yang yang restores famous

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《 You are my glory 》 Adapted from a novel , It is starred by current traffic stars Dili Reba and Yang Yang , At the beginning of the broadcast , For two cp The feeling is really not strong , But as the plot progresses , Many of the audience said “ I'm on it ”.

As the original author of the novel and the screenwriter of the film and television play , Gu man has also attracted the attention of many netizens , Dili Reba and Yang Yang are on the hot search for the scene of restoring the novel name , Gu man was make complaints about it .

【 Reba Yangyang reduction 《 glory 》 Famous scene , Screenwriter Gu mandeng hot search 】

8 month 10 Japan ,“ How happy is Gu man's book powder ” On hot search , The reason is that Yang Yang and Dili Reba are in the film and television drama 《 You are my glory 》 It restores the famous scenes in the novel , From details to kissing, crazy sugar , It triggered a discussion among the audience .

Gu man is the original author of many popular dramas ,《 Here comes fir 》《 It's a big smile 》《 Silent Separation 》 They are all her works after the film and television of her novels , Even sold copyrights overseas , He is a popular writer .

Yang Yang and Dili Reba are on the hot search because of the new play , Screenwriter Gu man has also attracted much attention , Some people even lament that Gu man's works are basically all popular dramas , Never missed .

《 You are my glory 》 Although there are many game elements in , But it brought together the reunion of men and women , It is also interspersed with Yu Tu's aerospace career played by Yang Yang , The interaction between Dili Reba and Yang Yang is even more frequent , It's really sweet .

【 Gu man boarded the hot search , Comment but “ Rollover ” 了 】

After Gu man boarded the hot search , Many netizens said that when Gu man's book powder is not happy , Obviously, it is with 《 You are my glory 》 Related hot search , But the comment area is 《 The sun is like me 》 Flood :

“ Not happy at all, okay ,《 The sun is like me 》 How many years have you been waiting ? I hope I can see ”“《 The sun is like me 》 Well , Every year I say I want to write , Hanging people playing ”“ Because the sun is turning black , It's time to finish writing the world famous works ”.

“《 The sun is like me 》 For more than ten years , Lying for years ”“ Have you filled the pit in the scorching sun ? At first, glory is interest , Anyone who has waited for the scorching sun will not say he is happy ”.

“ Don't talk , Really happy ?《 The sun is like me 》 How many years have you been waiting , When I have time to write a TV play, I don't have time to fill the hole ”“ Seeing this topic, I smiled , Who still remember? 《 The sun is like me 》 The lower part of the ”.

Have to say , Gu man does have a lot of book powder , Many netizens read her novels when they were young , There are still people on 《 The sun is like me 》 In the lower part of the , It can be seen that her ability is still very strong .

From the comments of netizens , They still have expectations for Gu man's book , I hope Gu man can fill the pit as soon as possible , Don't live up to the expectations of the authors .

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